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A mushroom that has its foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many centuries, the Cordyceps Militaris is gaining increasing traction in the western world as a powerful adaptogen. This superfood comes with a packet of benefits that helps the consumer achieve higher energy levels, stronger immunity, heightened stamina, and a myriad of nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Mumbai Mushroom brings to you the Best Quality Cordyceps Militaris:

At Mumbai Mushroom, we cultivate superior, commercial-grade Cordyceps Militaris, grown carefully by our in-house experts in a 100% vegan media under strict quality and hygiene standards. The superiority of our value-added Cordyceps mushroom is characterized by the tall fruiting bodies and the deep orange hue of the end product. Our certified, pure extracts render a cheesy, savory note that gives a great flavor to complement its quintessential appearance.
The health benefits of Cordyceps Militaris span across a multitude of applications. Buy Cordyceps Militaris Online today at the best price and get started on an all-natural approach towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

How it Works – Demystifying the Super-fungi!

Cordyceps Militaris contains many important active ingredients – primarily, Cordyceps Polysaccharides and Cordycepin. Amongst them, these two ingredients cover a multitude of health benefits like inhibition of tumor and blood sugar control, in addition to displaying a variety of bioactivities like immunomodulation, immunoregulation, anti-inflammation, antioxidant production, hypo-glycemia and hypo-cholesterolemia.
In addition to these active ingredients, Cordyceps Militaris contain a host of other nutritive embellishments like Cordycepic acid, a series of vitamins, and the fatigue-resistant ingredient – Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).
As you can see, it is not for nothing that the world has stopped to take notice!

Cordyceps Militaris Health Benefits

The health advantages of Cordyceps Militaris make it a natural, purely vegetarian super-food – the consumption of which repays in leaps and bounds. Broadly, these can be classified under three categories – Nutritional, Medicinal, and Performance Enhancing benefits. Listed below are some of the proven health benefits of Cordyceps Militaris:

✓ Improved physical performance
✓ Anti-leukemic Agent
✓ Tumor growth inhibition
✓ Anti-aging effect
✓ Alleviation of Sexual Dysfunction
✓ Lowering of High Cholesterol Levels
✓ Blood Sugar Regulation
✓ Improved Liver Function
✓ Chronic Liver Disease
✓ Respiratory Support
✓ Immuno-enhancer
✓ Improved Brain Function

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