Cordyceps – Medicinal Benefits, Dosage, and Precautions

Cordyceps - Medicinal Benefits, Dosage, and Precautions

Cordyceps is a fungus found in high mountain regions that feed on caterpillars. Natural Cordyceps are tough to get and can be costly. The majority of supplements created with Cordyceps are developed in a lab.

Cordyceps militaris is commonly used to treat kidney problems and male sexual issues. It’s useful to people with a kidney transplant. It is believed that it also treats liver problems, improves sports performance, and other ailments.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Cordyceps boosts immunity by stimulating cells and molecules in the body. It may also have anti-cancer effects and diminish tumor size, especially in lung and skin malignancies.


Performance in Sports

Cordyceps militaris mushroom or a combination of Cordyceps militaris mushroom and roseroot demonstrates to boost endurance in trained male cyclists in several investigations.

Certain antibiotics can cause kidney damage (aminoglycoside nephrotoxicity). Early study suggests that combining Cordyceps militaris mushroom with the antibiotic amikacin may minimize the drug’s renal harm in the elderly.


Adults with asthma may benefit from consuming Cordyceps militaris mushroom alone, according to a preliminary study. 

Kidney function

Kidney illness like (chronic kidney disease or CKD). Combining Cordyceps militaris mushroom with treatment for chronic renal disease helps improve kidney function. 

Contrast dyes cause kidney injury (contrast-induced nephropathy). According to a study, ingesting Cordyceps militaris mushroom before a contrast dye exam lessens the risk of the dye causing kidney damage. 

The medication cyclosporine causes kidney damage. There is preliminary evidence that consuming Cordyceps militaris mushroom with cyclosporine helps prevent cyclosporine-induced renal damage in persons who have had kidney transplants.

Liver Function

The hepatitis B virus causes liver swelling (inflammation) (hepatitis B). Early research suggests that eating Cordyceps militaris mushroom by mouth can help persons with hepatitis B improve their liver function.

Kidney Transplantation

Early research suggests that taking the Cordyceps militaris mushroom with low-dose cyclosporine can enhance survival. It avoids transplant rejection and minimizes the risk of infection in persons who have had a kidney transplant, similar to taking a normal dose of cyclosporine or Azathioprine does when combined with anti-rejection drugs. It may also lower the incidence of chronic allograft nephropathy, a long-term impairment of kidney function that is the major cause of kidney transplant failure.

Sexual issues

Sexual issues make it difficult to get satisfaction during sexual activity. Early research suggests that taking Cordyceps militaris mushroom product every day for 40 days can help persons in enhancing their sex drive.


Cordyceps are safe for most people when taken by mouth. If used correctly and for a short duration, it is not harmful. Diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal discomfort are the Mild possible side effects.

Autoimmune Diseases

Multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and other auto-immune diseases: Cordyceps may induce the immune system to become more active when taken by mouth. It may aggravate the symptoms of auto-immune illnesses. Cordyceps should be avoided, if you have any of these conditions, 

Precautions in bleeding disorders and surgeries

When taken by mouth, Cordyceps supplementation may contribute to increasing the risk of bleeding.

Surgery- Cordyceps supplementation may raise the risk of bleeding in persons who have a bleeding problem.


Cordyceps dosage is determined by several factors, including the user’s age, health, and other circumstances. There is currently insufficient scientific evidence to define an appropriate dosing range for Cordyceps. Keep in mind that all-natural products are not always safe. Having it in proper dosages is crucial.


Cordyceps offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits when consumed in the right dosage to get the required effects. Mumbai Mushroom is the leading supplier of Cordyceps Militaris and guarantees the supply of quality products that offer optimum health benefits.

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