7 things about Cordycpes that will surprise you

7 things about Cordycpes that will surprise you

Cordyceps the natural herb, having its foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine is precious as it benefits us in several ways. The use of cordyceps as a food supplement has increased recently. But there are facts about this superfood that may be surprising for you. At Mumbai Mushroom, we make researches on these healthy herbs and, in the process, have come across some interesting things about them. Let’s have a look at 7 interesting things about cordyceps.

7 strange things about cordyceps.

Animals too benefit from Cordyceps

Researchers extensively use cordyceps to see its effects on animals and we have got remarkable results. Animal studies suggest it has helped to improve their memory and sexual functions. It was indeed the Himalayan Yak herders who first found the energetic and invigorating effect of the unidentified grass-like mushroom emerging from the cephalic region of caterpillar on the animals grazing on it.

Cordyceps have therapeutic effects

The fact that Cordyceps have medicinal properties have records in the oldest Tibetan medical dictionary in about 710 AD. It is said that a Tibetan shepherd got trapped in a storm that nearly took his life. But he consumed cordyceps and regained energy. Thus, the villagers realised the life-saving properties of the ‘Yartsa Gunbu’, the Tibetan meaning of ‘Winter Worm, Summer Grass’ for this medicinal fungi.

Precious and rare Cordyceps

Cordyceps naturally grow at high altitudes of about 10,000 feet in the mountainous regions of China, Tibet and Nepal. At this height, the harvesting of cordyceps is accompanied by dangers. The temperature is generally much below zero degrees and this causes a threat for the cultivators of cordyceps. So, cordyceps in old days have been very rare and since it possesses a therapeutic effect, it was precious. It was, therefore, afforded only by royals and emperors in the past.

Cordyceps is neither a worm nor a grass, though called ‘Winter Worm, Summer Grass’

Cordyceps is generally called ‘Winter Worm, Summer Grass’ but you would be surprised to know that it is neither a worm nor a grass but it is a fungus that parasitizes several arthropods, larvae of insects, mites, etc. For its survival and reproduction, Cordyceps is known to manipulate the hosts. The fungus infects the host in summer and starts consuming the plant root. It slowly grows through the bodies of the hibernating worms in winter and erupts as grass-like shoots during summer.

Cordyceps are a rich source of energy

Adenosine triphosphate or ATP is an organic compound that stores energy and provides it to living cells to perform different metabolic activities. Cordyceps help in increasing the level of ATP in our body. When our body systems due to some reasons fail to function properly, ATP gets lowered. So, we need to replenish it using supplements. Cordyceps acts as a super supplement that triggers the formation of ATP and thus, increasing the energy level in the body. The effect of cordyceps on our body remains for a long time and we enjoy the state of vitality.

A secret weapon for sportsperson

Cordyceps became popular among sportspeople after the 1993 Beijing Olympics games when several medals were won and world records were made by Chinese runners. The success was attributed to the regular consumption of this energy booster. Since then cordyceps drinks have become a supplementary diet for sportsperson during their practice.

Cordyceps are nutritious

This energetic mushroom is not only rich in energy but is highly nutritious. It contains a wealth of healthy compounds such as vitamin B1, B2, B12, E, L and K along with many micronutrients like iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, selenium and calcium. And above all it contains the sunshine vitamin commonly known as vitamin D. Thus, this makes cordyceps an important supplement for people who are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.


Thus, you are now aware of the interesting and essential facts about the Chinese mushroom. This as we know was once a rare fungus is now cultivated and grown on a large scale so that it can be made accessible to all. Mumbai Mushroom, a well-known brand of Fresh Joy Agro, Mumbai cultivates superior quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in our state-of-the-art laboratory under the supervision of an in-house team of expert cultivators.

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